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classic articles


The papers that signaled the birth of mass spectrometry and revolutionized the field. Papers are shown in chronological order.

Stoney, George Johnstone : Of the "Electron" or Atom of Electricity
from Philosophical Magazine 1894

Perrin, Jean: New Experiments on the Kathode Rays from Nature 1896

Thomson, JJ : Cathode Rays
from Philosophical Magazine 1897

Thomson, JJ : On the Masses of the Ions in Gases at Low Pressure
from Philosophical Magazine 1899

Thomson, JJ : On the Number of Corpuscles (electrons) in an Atom
from Philosophical Magazine 1906

Thomson, JJ : Rays of Positive Electricity from Proc. Royal Society 1913

Soddy, Frederick : Intra-atomic Charge from Nature 1913

Aston, Francis: The Constitution of the Elements from Nature 1919

Aston, Francis: Isotopes and Atomic Weights from Nature 1920




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