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Past Features

WWW ChemTools

  • Ion Formula by Mol. Weight
  • Isotope Pattern Calculator
  • Mass Loss Calculator
  • Periodic e-Table

WWW BioTools

  • EMBL Peptide Search - protein ID from peptide mass and sequence data
  • FindMod - post-translational modifications by peptide mass
  • GlycanMass - oligosaccharide mass from structure
  • GlycoMod - oligosaccharide structures from mass
  • GlycoSuiteDB - search database with oligosaccharide mass
  • Javascript Protein Digest - peptide digest masses
  • Javascipt Fragment Ion Generator for peptides
  • Mascot Search - peptide mass and sequence tools
  • Mowse - protein identification from peptide MS data
  • Protein Prospector - mass spectra interpretation tools
  • PROWL - identification of proteins from MS data


Advance to :

Parts & Accessories

Services & Repairs

Instrument manufacturers

Agilent Technologies - manufacturer of a range of GC-MS and LC-MS instruments

AMD Intectra GmbH - specializing in magnetic sector mass spectrometers

Analytica of Branford, Inc - manufacturer of ESI-TOF mass spectrometer and a full range of electrospray ion sources

Applied Biosystems - specializing in the manufacturer of TOF mass spectrometers with both MALDI and ESI ion sources

Bergmann Messgerte Entwicklung makers of electrospray TOF instruments

Bruker Daltonics - manufacturer of a full line of mass spectrometers including TOF, ion trap and ICR instruments; in Germany at Bruker Daltonik GmbH

Comstock, Inc. - manufacturer of TOF and spherical sector mass spectrometers

GSG Analytical Instruments - featuring FT-MS, TOF and GC-MS instruments and supplies

Europa UK - featuring isotope ratio and gas analysis instruments

HD Technologies - specializing in GC mass spectrometers

Hitachi Instruments - featuring LC-MS mass spectrometers

IonSpec Corporation - specializing in FT-ICR mass spectrometers

JEOL USA - manufacturer of sector and TOF mass spectrometers

Kratos Analytical - specializing in the manufacturer of MALDI-TOF and QIT-TOF mass spectrometers

LECO Corporation - feature GC-MS, LC-MS and ICP-MS mass spectrometers

Mass Spectrometry International - manufacture and service high resolution magnetic sector mass spectrometers

Micromass - manufacturer of a full line of mass spectrometers including quadrupole,sector, TOF and hybrid instruments

Nu Instruments - specializing in ICP-MS instruments

Perkin Elmer - manufacturer of GC-MS, MALDI and other analytical instrumentation

Physical Electronics - featuring surface analysis instrumentation and components

Shimadzu - manufacturer of GC-MS and LC-MS instruments

Syagen - manufacturer of photoionization sources and quadrupole IT - TOF systems

Thermo BioAnalysis - feature MALDI-TOF and capillary electrophoresis systems

Thermofinnigan - manufacturer of a full line of mass spectrometers (formerly Thermoquest)

TJA Solutions - makers of ICP/MS instruments

Waters Corporation - maker of hybrid and quadrupole mass spectrometers

Parts, components and accessories

ABB Extrel - makers of electronics and data system accessories

Anglo Scientific Instruments - manufacturer of ion sources and mass filters

Bioptic Lasersysteme AG - manufacturer of advanced laser systems

Carbotec - makers of FD / FI and multi-jet eletrospray capillaries

Ciphergen Biosystems - manufacturer of sample arrays, readers and software

GB Scientific - third party vendor supporting organic mass spectrometers

Hiden Analytical - makers of inlet probes and gas analyzers

Kore Technology, Ltd. - TOF components, detectors, software and vacuum technologies

Laser Science Inc. - makers of lasers for ion sources and other MS applications

Linden-CMS - makers of field desorption and ionization equipment

Mas Com - mass spectrometry spare parts and accessories

Mass Evolution - makers of electrospray microsprayer and helium pressure injector

Microsaic - makers of MEMS, silicon chips and quadrupole mass spectrometers

Nanogenesys - makers of polyaniline-coated nanoelectrospray emitters

New Objective - makers of picospray tips and colums for micro ionspray applications

Protana - makers of nanoelectrospray sources, components and integrated systems

Services and repairs

Advion Biosciences - LC-MS methods development, validation, quantitative and research services

Australian Scientific Instruments - specialises in the development and manufacture of scientific instruments

Beta Analytica - radiocarbon dating services

Charles Evans & Associates - analytical services company

Hall Analytical - contract laboratory. offering mass spectrometry and other services

Ionics - design improvements and consulting services

Iso-Analytical - stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry laboratory

Mass Consortium - analytical services company

Mass Evolution - independent service company for GC and LC-MS

M-Scan - mass spectrometry consultants and analysis

Mass Spec Analytical Ltd. - specialising in drugs and explosives detection

ProLab Resources - data systems and integration products and software

Shrader Analytical - mass spectrometry and analytical services and consulting

Spectrocell Incorporated - manufacturer of ICP components and repairs

TexMS - mass spectrometry and other analytical services


MS Journals

  • European Mass Spectrom.
  • Intl. J. of Mass Spectrom.
  • J. American Society of MS
  • J. Mass Spectrometry
  • J. MS Society of Japan
  • Mass Spectrometry Reviews
  • Rapid Communications in MS

Science Journals

  • Analyst
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Nature
  • New Scientist
  • Science
  • Scientific American

Literature Search

  • Beilstein Abstracts
  • ChemWeb
  • Current Contents - ISI
  • PubMed - NCBI
  • PubScience - DOE

World Laboratories


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