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Past Features

WWW ChemTools

  • Ion Formula by Mol. Weight
  • Isotope Pattern Calculator
  • Mass Loss Calculator
  • Periodic e-Table

WWW BioTools

  • EMBL Peptide Search - protein ID from peptide mass and sequence data
  • FindMod - post-translational modifications by peptide mass
  • GlycanMass - oligosaccharide mass from structure
  • GlycoMod - oligosaccharide structures from mass
  • GlycoSuiteDB - search database with oligosaccharide mass
  • Javascript Protein Digest - peptide digest masses
  • Javascipt Fragment Ion Generator for peptides
  • Mascot Search - peptide mass and sequence tools
  • Mowse - protein identification from peptide MS data
  • Protein Prospector - mass spectra interpretation tools
  • PROWL - identification of proteins from MS data

usa : a to d

Academic groups are listed alphabetically by institution name





Scripps Research Institute (John Yates III)

Scripps Research Institute (Gary Siuzdak)

Southern Illinois University

State University of New York at Buffalo (James Garvey)

State University of New York at Buffalo (Troy Wood)

University of Tennessee, Kentucky (John Bartmess)

University of Tennessee, Kentucky (Kelsey Cook)

University of Tennessee, Memphis (Dominic Desiderio)

Texas A&M University (Ronald MacFarlane)

Texas A&M University (David Russell)

Texas A&M University, MS Applications Laboratory

University of Texas at Austin (Jennifer Brodbelt)

University of Texas at Austin, Geological Sciences

University of Utah (James McCloskey)

University of Utah, Stable Isotope Ratio Facility

Utah State University (Robert Brown)

Vanderbilt University (Richard Caprioli)

Vanderbilt University (David Hercules)

University of Vermont (Dwight Matthews)

University of Virginia (Donald Hunt)

Virginia Commonwealth University (David Muddiman)

Virginia Commonwealth University (John Fenn)

University of Washington (Frantisek Turecek)

University of Washington, Biochemistry (Ken Walsh)

University of Washington Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory

University of Washington NESAC/BIO

University of Washington, Stable Isotope Lab

Washington University Mass Spectrometry Resource (Michael Gross)

Wayne State University (Robert Levis)

Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Lloyd Smith)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Martha Vestling)


MS Journals

  • European Mass Spectrom.
  • Intl. J. of Mass Spectrom.
  • J. American Society of MS
  • J. Mass Spectrometry
  • J. MS Society of Japan
  • Mass Spectrometry Reviews
  • Rapid Communications in MS

Science Journals

  • Analyst
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Nature
  • New Scientist
  • Science
  • Scientific American

Literature Search

  • Beilstein Abstracts
  • ChemWeb
  • Current Contents - ISI
  • PubMed - NCBI
  • PubScience - DOE

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